Fence Requirements

NOTE: An application for permit is required before a fence is installed.

Fences in residential districts should not exceed six feet in height in the back, side, and front yards. If property is bordered by an alley, a setback of three feet is required. If property is bordered by a street, a setback of 10 feet is required.

Fences shall be constructed of uniform material, color, and height. All fencing shall be maintained in a good state of repair. The city may order removal of any fence which becomes a public hazard due to lack of maintenance or repair. The city may order removal of any fence obstructing the view for vehicular traffic at street or alley intersections. 

Except for portable, inflatable type pools, all residential swimming pools are required to be enclosed by a fence at least five feet in height. The fence must completely surround the pool and deck area, with the exception of self-closing and latching gates and doors, both of which must lock.

Quick Guide to Applying for Residential Fence Permit (PDF)

For more information, contact the Building Department at (574) 372-9548.

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