Public Works

Public Works Employees in Front of Plows

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The approximately 30 employees at the Public Works / Street Department are a team of hardworking men and women who have dedicated themselves on a daily basis to serving those who live in our community. Some of the many tasks they are responsible for include:

  • Residential curbside trash, yard waste, recycling, and appliance pick-up
  • Installation and repair of storm lines
  • Stoplight repairs
  • Construction of curbs, sidewalks, and roads
  • Sidewalk replacement program
  • Street cleaning
  • Snow plowing of streets and alleys
  • Patching roads
  • Maintaining city-owned parking lots
  • Running the fully self-maintained repair shop

"You may not notice we were there, but you would notice if we weren't." -Jeff Beeler, Superintendent of Public Works