Building Commissioner Inspecting New Construction2


The Building Department was established to promote safe and secure occupancy, encourage revitalization of abandoned properties, and instill pride in one's property to protect the quality of life in our city. 

The department follows and enforces the Indiana Building Code and the City of Warsaw Municipal Code, whose purpose is to protect the public health, safety, and welfare in all new and existing structures, residential and commercial, and on all existing premises by establishing minimum requirements and standards for premises, structures, equipment, and facilities.

Provisions of these codes relate to plumbing, electrical, structural, mechanical structures; life safety; safety from fire and other hazards; and safe and sanitary maintenance. The Building Department also regulates the occupancy of existing structures and premises and provides administration through enforcement and penalties for non-compliance.

Commissioner & Inspector Duties

The Building Commissioner is responsible for reviewing construction documents and for inspecting new residential, commercial, and building improvement projects for compliance. The Commissioner may require an inspection during any phase at any stage of a project covered by a building permit prior to the continuation of any further work authorized by the permit.

The Building Inspector is responsible for inspecting new and existing residential and commercial construction projects and strives to improve the quality of life within our neighborhoods. State and local ordinances set the standards for the city to respond to citizen concerns. The results can be found in safer, cleaner neighborhoods, preservation of housing stock, and revenues from chronic offenders.