Residential Swimming Pool Requirements

Materials of Construction

  • Non-toxic to man and the environment
  • Impervious and reasonably enduring
  • Withstand stresses
  • Water-tight
  • Smooth and easily cleaned

Structural Design

  • Design to be in accordance with generally accepted structural engineering practices
  • No limit for shape of pool
  • Sand or earth is not an acceptable interior finish
  • No obstructions/protrusions that could cause entrapment

Floor Slope

  • Shall have uniform slope
  • Shallow end shall have a maximum of 1’ in 7’ slope for a minimum of 6’
  • Deep end shall have a maximum of 1’ in 3’ slope

Pool Walls

  • All walls shall be within 11 degrees of the vertical
  • Shallow end walls must be within 11 degrees of the vertical for a minimum of 2’-3”
  • Deep end walls must be within 11 degrees of the vertical for a minimum of 2’-9”
  • After these depths (2’-3”, 2’-9”) are achieved, the walls below can curve to meet the floor


  • No requirements for width of deck
  • Decks to slope away from pool to remove all water without leaving puddles
    • Concrete Decks
      • Minimum slope 1/8” per foot, max slope 1” per foot
    • Exposed aggregate concrete decks
      • Minimum slope 1/4” per foot, max slope 1” per foot
    • Wood decks
      • Maximum slope 1/8” per foot
  • Max horizontal gap in deck joints: 3/16”, max difference in vertical distance at joint: 1/4”
  • Edges of decks shall have a radius to eliminate sharp corners

Pool Egress

  • There shall be a means of egress provided in the shallow portion
  • A means of egress is required in the deep portion if the water depth exceeds 5’

Circulation Equipment and Piping

  • All piping other than such that is integral to the pool itself shall be pressure tested at 25 psi for 30 min. before deck is installed
  • Valves shall have a 10” diameter access box for servicing
  • Circulation equipment to have capacity to produce a 12 hour turnover rate
  • Water clarity shall be maintained
  • Water velocity in system piping shall not exceed 10 fps for discharge piping and 8 fps for suction piping
  • When pump is located below the water level, valves shall be installed to facilitate removal of pump
  • Equipment shall be designed to drain the pool

Water Supply/ Wastewater Disposal

  • There shall be no direct connection between the potable water supply and any of the circulation piping unless protected by backflow preventer or air-gap
  • Disposal of backwash water shall be discharged into a sanitary sewer by means of an air gap or into an approved subsurface disposal system


  • No receptacles located within 10’ of pool edge, except for pump receptacle which can be within 5’ of pool edge
  • All receptacles located within 20’ of pool edge must be GFCI protected
  • Flexible cords are limited to a length of 36”
  • Switching devises shall not be installed within 5’ horizontally of pool edge
  • Lights and ceiling fans shall not be installed less than 12’ above pool or must be a minimum of 5’ horizontally outside pool edge and 5’above water level (some exceptions apply)
  • An equipotential bonding grid is required under all pools and decks made of electrically conductive material, including concrete. All electrically conductive materials involved in the pool installation shall be a part of this bonding grid. See Indiana Residential Code for specific requirements.

Safety Features

  • Suitable hand holds around perimeter shall be provided where depths are 3’-6” or greater
  • Access to pools shall be restricted by a 4’ barrier around the perimeter of the pool and deck. Above ground pool walls are an acceptable barrier if over 4’. Any gates must be able to be latched and locked. A pool safety cover satisfying the testing requirements of ASTM F 1346–19 is an acceptable barrier.
  • Rope anchor devices shall be installed 1’-2’ on the shallow side of a point of change in floor slope. If the point of change occurs in a water depth greater than 4’-6”, a transition rope supported by buoys shall be installed.

Life Safety Equipment

  • The following items shall be readily available at each pool:
    • Ring or throwing buoy fitted with 40’ of 1/4” diameter line 
    • Pole not less than 12’

Additional Requirements

There are additional requirements for:

  • Diving equipment
  • Slides
  • Heaters
  • Surface skimmer
  • Chemical feeders

Based on 2020 Indiana Residential Code

*This is not an exhaustive list of requirements. See current Code for all requirements.