Free Smoke Alarms

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A dwelling is required to have at least one functional smoke detector per Indiana Code IC 22-11-18. 

One of the concerns of all firefighters is the absence of smoke alarms in many homes in our community. The Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory wants everyone to have a smoke alarm. This program provides for the needy and elderly who cannot afford to make the purchase or to have them installed. 

The Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory will provide one free smoke detector, and installation of that smoke detector, to all homeowners within the City limits and Wayne Township. 

Smoke detectors are required in all rental homes (IC 22-11-18-3.5). However, this service excludes rental units. It is the responsibility of the landlord to provide smoke detectors to rental units. 

To obtain your free smoke detectors or for more information, please call (574) 372-9502 or use our online Request Tracker tool.