City Elected Officials

Form of Government

Warsaw's form of government consists of an elected mayor, clerk-treasurer, and seven-member council, who all serve four-year terms.Two at-large council members are elected to represent the entire city. The other five council members are elected to represent their individual districts and must reside within those districts.

There are no restrictions on the number of terms a person can serve. Candidates for these elected positions must reside within the city limits. They must also have been a resident of Warsaw for at least one year.

2016-2019 Elected Officials.jpg

Standing L to R: Clerk-Treasurer Lynne Christiansen, Mike Klondaris (Council District 3), Diane Quance (Council District 5), Jeff Grose (Council District 1), Ron Shoemaker (Council District 2), Jack Wilhite (Council At-Large), Cindy Dobbins (Council At-Large), Jerry Frush (Council District 4), Mayor Joe Thallemer.