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Kiwanis Park

Max Occupancy 50
Other Link Click Here to Rent Kiwanis Shelter!


  1. Boat Launch
  2. Lake Access
  3. Picnic Areas
  4. Picnic Tables ($5.00 Add-on)
  5. Shelter(s) - Open ($50.00 Add-on)

Kiwanis Shelter is located near the recently paved boat launch area. The picnic shelter can be rented for $53.50 (including tax), rental times are from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and the shelter holds approximately 40-50 people at one time.

Rules & Regulations Include: 
* No pets allowed
* Permission needed to place signage
* Absolutely no alcohol or illegal drugs permitted in the park or shelters
* The park must be cleared by 10 PM
* All trash must be bagged and placed in trash containers