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Cooking Up Fun

1:30-3:00 p.m.: Firemen's Building

July 11, 2022: Science

July 18, 2022: Food

July 25, 2022: Science

August 1, 2022: Food

$10 Per participant, per class. Ages 6+.
Children aged 6 and up will get an opportunity to measure ingredients to make food or science experiments, making easy recipes and join other kids their age.
Parents are welcome to come and stay. Two of the scheduled sessions will involve cooking kid-friendly food items; the other two will involve science experiments.
Registration required: Registration opens June 6, 2022, until filled.

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Imagination Station

10-11 a.m.- Pete Thorn Gym (800 N Park Ave.)

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June 21st: Australian Outback

June 28th: Red, White & Blue

July 12th: Little Einstein's

July 19th: Busy Buzzy Bees

July 26th: Around the World

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