D.A.R.E. & School Resource Officers

There are a total of four School Resource Officers working within Warsaw Community Schools.

Since 1988, D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) has been taught in the Warsaw Community School Corporation. One school resource officers (S.R.O.’s) are assigned full-time to the program in the elementary schools. 

Aside from the D.A.R.E officers, three more S.R.O.'s serve at both Warsaw middle schools and Warsaw Community High School. They are on campus daily and available to handle all calls for service at the school.


Officer Rogelio Navarro III is committed to helping elementary school students understand the consequences of drug abuse. The most recent DARE curriculum also teaches qualities of successful communication, which is valuable especially in regards to the proper use of social media. Officer Navarro, pictured below, serve as School Resource Officer for the schools he has been assigned to. He regularly visit those schools in order to provide students with the information they need to make educated decisions for the rest of their lives.

DARE Official National Website

Officer Navarro

Roy Navarro Head Shot

School Resource Officers

The community relies on school resource officers to do a variety of jobs. They can do anything from speaking in classes to conducting criminal investigations. Sergeant Greg Oberlin, Corporal Brandon Zartman, and Officer Alan Danko maintain a presence at local schools in order to serve as a resource for students who want or need their assistance.

Sergeant Oberlin


Corporal Zartman

Corporal Brandon Zartman

Officer Alan Danko

Officer Alan Danko Head Shot

Remembering Sergeant Polston

Terry Polston, better known to his students as OP (Officer Polston), taught nearly 6,000 kids during his seventeen years in the D.A.R.E. program. His “huge smile and heart of gold” are greatly missed in the community.