Owner-Occupied Programs

About the Programs

Housing Opportunities of Warsaw Inc., a sister agency of the Warsaw Housing Authority (WHA), administers the programs utilizing the funds for rehabilitation of low- to moderate-income homeowners. The funds are grant monies from the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority with matching funds from the City of Warsaw. The programs are administered by rules and monitored and audited by the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority.

All programs require that the financial assistance be in the form of promissory notes and secured by a mortgage. All repayable funds are collected and accounts monitored by the WHA and its board of commissioners. As administrator of the owner-occupied funds, the Warsaw Housing Authority shall:
  • Prepare a monthly management report which describes loans as either current or delinquent
  • Track funds available to loan and accounts receivable
  • Provide loan servicing, as required in the loan agreement, including subordinations, deaths, sales of homes, etc.


The Housing Authority shall file a report of its activities for the preceding year with the City of Warsaw Clerk-Treasurer. The Housing Authority shall make a copy of this report available for inspection by the public at the Housing Authority office. The Housing Authority will make available all books, records, and accounts to the State Board of Accounts.