Housing Resources

Housing Authority Programs

Assistance Programs

The Warsaw Housing Authority (WHA) offers the following housing assistance programs:

  • Family Self-Sufficiency programs - Offers case management services to families to become self-sufficient from assistance programs by setting goals and a plan of action to achieve economic independence through training and education
  • Good Housekeeping award program - Offers coupon award packets to Section 8 families with good housekeeping skills
  • Housing Choice Voucher Rental Assistance Program - Offers financial assistance for the rent and utilities of very low-income families
  • WHA offers a variety of brochures - Landlord / Tenant Relations, housing discrimination, and lead-based paint

"A family spends 70% or more of their time in their home.  For most families, it is the biggest investment they make for their family and gives them a sense of belonging in the community.  It is our mission that families in our community will live in healthy and safe homes." -Pamela Kennedy, Executive Director of Warsaw Housing Authority and Housing Opportunities of Warsaw