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Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
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An Illicit Discharge is any discharge into a waterway that is not composed entirely of stormwater. Pollutants may be chemical, litter (trash), or natural pollution (leaves, grass, etc…). These pollutants can travel through the storm drainage system and go directly into our lakes and streams.

Illicit discharges can be dangerous to fish and wildlife.  They can also add nutrients to water causing unnaturally dramatic algal blooms that, after their short life, will starve waterways of oxygen as they decay.

Warsaw has over 2,200 storm drain inlets that channel water into approximately 250 public outfalls.  Most of these drain directly into a body of water.  Putting trash in its appropriate place is a great start in protecting our waterways.

Report Suspected Illicit Discharges

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If you see what you think is an illicit discharge or see an unknown substance on a road or in a waterway that you think could be harmful, please call the Wastewater Treatment Utility at 574-372-9562 to report your concern.


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