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Domestic Violence

The following information provides a general look at domestic violence, coming from a variety of resources.  Due to the fact that 95% of the victims of domestic violence are women, victims will be referred to as "she/her."  This is not at all an assumption that men are not victims of domestic violence, because they clearly are and, unfortunately, are exposed to very few resources.

Domestic Violence is when spouses, intimate partners, or dates use physical violence, threats, emotional abuse, harassment, and/or stalking to control the behavior of their partners. Domestic Violence is usually not a single event and often becomes more severe and frequent over time.  Couple arguing
Very few people identify themselves as abusers or victims.  They may remain silent about the issue because of the havoc that domestic violence has created in their family or workplace.  Victims may be silent because of embarrassment or shame, or for fear that their batterers will hurt them if they tell other people about the violence.  Abusers may minimize their actions or blame the victims for provoking the violence.  Both victims and abusers may characterize their experience as family quarrels that got out of control

Domestic Violence is everyone’s business, and we can all be advocates to help bring this widespread social problem to the attention of citizens from all walks of life.  Imagine a place where no one excuses abusive behavior and everyone is committed to being part of the solution.  The Task Force will be pledging its focus and energy towards educating the Kosciusko Community about the dangers of family and partner violence.  Little Neighbor is a poem that reflects what happens when we look the other way and do not get involved.

There is hope that we can change attitudes about violence in families, and to intervene and prevent violence before it starts.  Exposing domestic violence through the media, schools, and area organizations will bolster community awareness.  There is much more that could and should be done from a proactive standpoint to help prevent domestic violence before it happens—break the cycle—instead of just reacting and treating victims after it happens.

Citizens need to understand that violence and abuse of any kind against women and children are unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our community. We want to prevent domestic violence through the protection and empowerment of the victim, to rehabilitate family members, and to educate the public about domestic violence and its consequences.  Abuse and violence are learned behaviors.  Abuse and violence are chosen behaviors.  We must expose domestic violence through the media, schools, and area organizations to bolster community awareness. 

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