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Workplace Violence Facts
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  • Domestic abuse results in thousands of lost work days each year. 
  • Studies of battered women show that 50-85% of abused women missed work because of abuse; over 60% reported arriving late due to abuse.

Impaired Job Performance 

  • The obstacles faced by women who have survived rape, sexual assault, or domestic violence are complex and can interfere with job performance. 
  • Survivors can suffer from physical and emotional damages that may distract them from their work. 
  • Domestic violence has a specific impact on job performance because batterers commonly harass their partners at work through means such as stalking and telephone harassment. 
  • Batterers sabotage women’s ability to work in other ways by failing to provide 
  • promised child care or transportation, stealing car keys or money, hiding clothing, or inflicting visible injuries.
  • Loss of Experienced Employees 
  • Businesses lose dedicated, valuable employees due to domestic violence. 
  • Nearly 50% of rape victims lose their jobs or are forced to quit in the aftermath of the crime.


  • Domestic violence costs employers an estimated $3-5 billion a year in lost days of work and reduced productivity. 
  • Each year, when pain, suffering, and lost quality of life are quantified, the cost of rape and sexual assault is $127 billion. 
  • The aggregate annual cost to victims of domestic violence is about $8.8 billion, or $67 billion when pain, suffering, and lost quality of life is included. 
  • Crimes of violence increase employers’ security costs while reducing productivity, job performance, and employee morale.

Legal Issues for Employers 

  • Federal and state laws are rapidly changing to reflect our country’s deepening commitment to ending all forms of violence against women. 
  • It is not enough to just have an Anti-Violence policy on the wall and an employee manual on the shelf—companies must promote a safe working environment and be backed by a commitment from senior management. 
  • A company that experiences an incident of workplace related violence is temporarily traumatized with the creation of stress and distraction to all employees. 
  • A workplace violent incident directly impacts bottom line performance due to lost/interrupted production, health care costs, and legal expenses

                                                       LEARN MORE about Workplace Violence

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