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Checklist for Parents
    Every parent should complete this checklist.
    • My child has a clear identity and understanding of his or her cultural heritage.
    • Our family has clear and consistent values, daily routines and enforced rules. We don't resolve problems by yelling or through violence.
    • We have stability and commitment to the family. There is support and open communications in our family.
    • We provide a model for healthy behaviors for our children.
    • We have consistent homework practices and parental involvement with school work.
    • I am involved in my child's school activities.
    • I monitor where my child is going and who he/she is going with.
    • My child spends time at home.
    • My child has positive peer influences.
    • My child is involved in school extracurricular activities.
    • My child in involved in organizations and clubs outside of school.
    • My child has good planning, decision making and problem solving skills.
    • If my children have a problem, they know they can come to me.
    • My child has goals and a positive view of the future.


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