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Types of Elder Abuse

Physical abuse:
Hitting, beating, pushing, sexual assault, forcing consumption of additional drugs, locking the senior in a room or house. Look for:

  • unusual cuts, bruises, burns, bites
  • poor personal hygiene
  • untreated bed sores
  • dirty clothing & linen
  • emotional withdrawal 

Emotional abuse:
Yelling, use of harsh words, ignoring the senior, treating the senior like a child, and not allowing the senior to speak with others. Look for:

  • confusion
  • fear and anxiety
  • refusal to speak in front of someone
  • certain subjects will not be discussed

Financial abuse:

Not allowing the senior to spend money the way he/she wants, telling lies to get money or property from the senior, stealing money, jewelry or other possessions, forcing a senior to sell or give away property or sign Power of Attorney. Look for:

  • malnutrition
  • belongings are missing
  • sudden changes in senior's will
  • signing of Power of Attorney without discussing with a lawyer



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