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Security at Work
  • Never leave handbags on desks or wallets and cellular telephones in coat pockets in your absence. Take them with you.
  • If a locker is provided for you at work, use it and lock it. Keep the key or combination with you or in a secure place.
  • If you handle money at work, always keep it in a safe place. Don't leave petty cash in an unlocked drawer during the day. At night, put it in the safe or remove it from the building altogether.
  • Be careful with keys. Don't put spares in an unlocked drawer.
  • Lock windows in your absence. It's so easy to forget, especially in the summertime, and a thief can come and go in a matter of minutes.
  • Never assume a stranger wandering in the building is an employee. Even a simple "May I help you?" can discourage the dishonest without interfering with the legitimate visitor.
  • Never leave visitors alone in the office. Check by telephone to see if someone can see them.


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