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Personal Safety Tips

Walk Assertively
Street criminals often choose their victims at random, preying on people who appear easily intimidated and vulnerable. Assertive body language can help prevent assault. Look as though you may cause an uproar if bothered.

Walk with a Companion
The old "safety in numbers" cliché is as accurate as ever. When you walk at night with a companion, continue to be AWARE AND ALERT.

Stick to Well-Lighted Walkways
Avoid sidewalks where shrubs, alleys and dark doorways can hide attackers.

Protect Yourself in a Crowd
In a crowd, wear your purse over your shoulder with the opening toward your body. If someone grabs it, let go. Put wallets in a front pocket or your jacket. If you feel that you are being followed, cross the street and change directions a few times. Walk or run quickly to a well-lighted shop or where crowds of people can help if needed. DO NOT GO HOME. You don't want to let an attacker know where you live.

Using an Elevator
When using an elevator, be with friends or family. Stand close to the door and near the controls with your back against a wall. If a situation arises press the alarm button and press as many floor buttons as possible, this will afford more opportunities for escape.

Information on the Telephone
Avoid giving out personal information on the telephone. Never say you are alone. Discourage obscene callers by using the "No Reaction" tactic and hang up immediately. If you receive additional calls, report the incident to the police.

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