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Gang Information

Gangs?  In Kosciusko County?
Yes, we have gang activity in Kosciusko County. It's been here since at least 1988. Not of the magnitude that has often been depicted on TV and in the movies, but it is still gang activity, and it causes problems for everyone. Much of the activity here is of the street gang type, including vehicle break-ins, batteries, etc. As a parent, you have the opportunity to affect the level of gang activity by educating yourself about the problem, talking with your children about gangs, and working with other parents to ensure a safe and healthy neighborhood for your children.

Who joins a gang? 

Male and females, from all neighborhoods, races, cultures, religious and economic levels are involved in gangs.

Why do youth join gangs?

  • Family Substitute        
  • Friendship
  • Economic benefit       
  • Power        
  • Status        
  • Security        
  • Love
  • Thrill and Excitement

Is it illegal to be in a gang?
It is not illegal in Indiana to be a member of a gang. However, by legal definition, gangs engage in criminal activities. There are laws in effect that target gang crimes, provide stiffer penalties for gang members, and allow additional charges for criminal gang activities.

If you have a question or concern about gang activity in Kosciusko County, contact Officer Mike Cox at the Warsaw Police Department, 574-372-9534 X-325.

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