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Deer Task Force

State and local officials have determined that deer overpopulation inside the city limits of Warsaw has become a public nuisance.  Reported traffic accidents, observation, citizen complaints, property damage, and survey results all support this conclusion.  It has also been determined that not attempting to reduce the deer population will be a greater threat to the health and safety of residents living in our area.

ONCE AGAIN, ONLY VETERAN ARCHERS IN OUR DTF PROGRAM MAY APPLY TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR REDUCTION EFFORT FOR 2016.  Veteran DTF archers are defined as being “Archers who have successfully participated in our reduction effort for a minimum of one year since the inception of the program.” We have been able to maintain a core group of committed archers in our program the past several years.  We believe this group of veteran DTF archers is large enough, they know and follow our strict guidelines, and they have a proven track record of safely taking deer in our declared reduction zones.  Adding new members into our program has been very positive, but new members require more training and oversight which puts an increased burden on our dedicated volunteers and the administrative team at the WPD.  We will obviously evaluate the impact this “only veterans may apply” policy has on our program after the 2016 reduction effort.

The mission of the Warsaw Deer Task Force is to reduce and maintain the population of deer in a designated nuisance area. The use of archery equipment allows for a safe and ethical means to harvest deer and this is a low-key approach towards the public. It is in the interest of the DTF that safety is priority. 

Warsaw City Code -- Chapter 54, Article III  Offenses Involving Public Safety
Chapter 54, Section 54-64 - Limitations on bows and arrows and slingshots.

QUESTIONS?  Contact Councilman Jeff Grose, DTF Chairman

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