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Physical Indicators
Neglect involves inattention to the basic needs of a child, such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and supervision.

1. Lack of supervision:

· flat, bald spot on the back of an infant's head
· very young children left unattended
· children inadequately supervised over long periods of time or when engaged in dangerous activities
· children left in the care of children too young to protect them
· abandonment.

2. Lack of adequate clothing and good hygiene:

· children dressed inappropriately for the weather
· consistently wearing torn and dirty clothing
· severe diaper rash or other persistent skin disorders resulting from poor hygiene
· children chronically dirty and unbathed.

3. Lack of medical or dental care:

· children whose needs for medical or dental care or medication and health aids are unmet
· lice, rat or roach bites.

4. Lack of adequate nutrition:

· children lacking sufficient quantity or quality of food
· children who fall three or four standard deviations below normal height or weight for age, with no
physiological explanation.

Behavioral Indicators
Behavioral Indicators in Children
  • Begging, stealing food, consistently complaining of hunger.
  • Developmental lags.
  • Constant fatigue, listlessness.
  • Apathetic, depressed.
  • Infant - affective withdrawal from interpersonal interactions, non-responsive.
  • Delinquency (i.e. theft, vandalism, etc.)
  • Reports of being left alone, abandoned.
  • Frequent absences from school.

Behavioral Indicators in Caretaker
  • Misuses alcohol or other drugs.
  • Maintains chaotic home life.
  • Shows evidence of apathy or futility.
  • Expects child to care for him/herself at an early age

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