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Victim Services
Domestic Violence and Abuse

Criminal victimization of an individual is a traumatic experience that can affect women and children for a lifetime.  Effective counseling and case management are very important so victims can regain their confidence and dignity as soon as possible.  With proper counseling and support, their hope for the future is rekindled, and they can again take control of their lives. 

                          October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Citizens need to understand that violence and abuse of any kind against women and children are unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our community. We want to prevent domestic violence through the protection and empowerment of the victim, to rehabilitate family members, and to educate the public about domestic violence and its consequences. 

Abuse and violence are learned behaviors.  Abuse and violence are chosen behaviors. Domestic violence is everyone’s business. We must expose domestic violence through the media, schools, and area organizations to bolster community awareness.

The information on this site is for anyone needing or wanting to know more about crimes of violence and the innocent lives they painfully touch. We have attempted to provide a general overview of various issues related to violent crime and have collected our information from many sources.

                             Becky Anglin, Victim Assistance Coordinator
                                  NACP Credentialed Advanced Advocate
                                Domestic Violence Intervention Specialist
                                        (574) 372-9539

                                           Warsaw Police Department
                                             2191 E. Fort Wayne Street
                                                   Warsaw, IN  46580

To All Victims and Survivors:

The following information may be very difficult for you to read and deal with. PLEASE do not take this road alone. It is important to have a friend or someone else you trust who you can talk to honestly about your experiences and feelings. This is a very scary and confusing time; but there is hope. You've taken a huge step in healing simply by coming here and exploring this frightening territory. You are not alone. If you have any questions or just would like to write, please contact Victim Assistance Coordinator Becky Anglin (574) 372-9539.

We refer to "victims" and "survivors" synonymously throughout this site. We in no way want to offend anyone and apologize to anyone who is offended. There is controversy over these terms and their differences, but it is our hope that the true message will prevail. Our focus is not on terminology, but on helping the hurting and educating the uninformed and the misinformed. We truly hope you are able to find this site valuable and helpful.

Internet / Computer Use Safety
Do Not use this Website if you Suspect your Computer is being Monitored. Find a safe way to use the internet by accessing a safe computer. Even if you take cautionary steps such as using an email that your abuser cannot access or deleting stored information from your web browser, your abuser may be able to see what web sites you have been visiting and emails you have been sending.

NOTE:  If you are in a situation that could cause you trouble for visiting this site, please follow this link to  Clear your browser history

                                                                    Indiana Sheriff's Association
                                                                 Sex and Violent Offender Registry

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