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Sales Licenses

Sales Licenses

All peddlers, itinerant merchants, and mobile merchants (in goods, wares, and merchandise or other articles of value) must obtain a Sales License to do so.  A valid Indiana Retail Merchants Certificate and/or a valid County Health Department permit must be obtained and presented before a Sales License is issued.

To apply for a Sales License, visit the Planning Department at City Hall, 102 South Buffalo Street, Warsaw.  For questions, call (574) 372-9550.


  • Itinerant Merchant – Merchants selling goods not out of a permanent building, on a property to which they have no ownership.
  • Peddler – Merchants selling goods on foot, door to door.
  • Mobile Merchant – Merchants selling goods out of a vehicle from multiple locations per day.

Application Requirements

  • Valid photo ID Card
  • Proof of valid Indiana Retail Merchants Certificate and/or a valid county health department permit (where applicable)
  • Proof of valid permit from Warsaw Police Department at least 30 days in advance for events that may affect traffic flow
  • Receipt of applicable fee and verification of application



Fee per Day per Person

One Year Fee

Resident of City of Warsaw



Resident of Kosciusko County



Resident of State of Indiana



Reside Outside of Indiana




  • Licenses are for one calendar year, beginning January 1 and expiring December 31 within the year issued.
  • You may not sell between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
  • Solicitation in or on a street is prohibited where it will endanger the safety or welfare of any occupants of a motor vehicle, impede the free flow of vehicular traffic, or obstruct or distract the view of any driver of any motor vehicle on the traveled portion of any street.


  • You do not need a Sales License to sell food items grown in the county or to sell at special events sponsored by the City of Warsaw that take place within city limits.
  • A veteran who holds an honorable discharge from the United States armed forces and resides within Kosciusko County is exempt from license fees (but must still obtain a license).
  • A one-time event exception is allowed during any calendar year for 501(c)(3) charitable organizations for two consecutive days, provided the organization has applied for and received a permit from the Warsaw Police Department at least 30 days in advance of the first day of the event.  

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